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A selection of our kibble, wet food and treats
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Why Edgard & Cooper?

Amazing tasting food that even the fussiest eaters will love
Every single stage of our baking process maximises taste while sealing in nutrients. After sourcing the highest quality fresh meat, we ensure each stage along the process maximises taste. From sourcing ingredients to our slow-cooking, all is carefully designed to create foods that smell good and taste amazing!
All the nutrients your pet needs without the nasties
Our fresh meat and natural ingredients make our dog food as tasty as it is healthy. Made without grains and free from nasties, our recipes are packed with fruits, vegetables, botanicals - and all the vitamins & minerals your four-legged needs for a happy, healthy life.
Packaging that doesn't hurt the planet
We’re the first pet food brand with a full range of bags made from biodegradable materials. We know we’re not 100% perfect, just yet. But it’s a big paw in the right direction.
Try for €8
Offer only valid on first purchase

How does it work?

You’ll get the full Edgard & Cooper experience

A selection of our kibble, wet Food and treats

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Try for €8
Offer only valid on first purchase

fresh & healthy

Utterly irresistible fresh meat and nutritional offal
Natural, healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants
Naturally easy to digest

processed & dried

Ground-up bones and tendons
Nutritionally poor processed meat meal
Much harder to digest
Try for €8
Offer only valid on first purchase

Lot’s of fresh meat

Our fresh meat and offal is nutritious and packed with flavour.
Every ingredient we use, from the meats to the fruits and veg, are nutritious, tasty and of exceptional quality. Nothing more, nothing less.

Slooowly baked

When it comes to pet food, fast cooking with high heat (the way the big guys do things) dilutes flavour and destroys nutrition.
We cook our recipes slow and steady, to preserve both.

Packaging for the planet

We package all our products with the environment in mind. From plant-based bags to FSC paper, water-based inks, recyclable tins, and beyond, our mission is to treat our planet like we treat our pets: with love, care and respect.

Try for €8
Offer only valid on first purchase

Shop with confidence

My dog is really enjoying her new food and there is never a spot left. The variety is great too so she does not get bored. Customer services were very helpful when I had a query and delivery was prompt.
My dog loves Edgard & Cooper despite being a fussy eater, the kibble from E&C is doing extremely well. I also think it is great that E&C uses biodegradable packaging. In short, perfect!
I’ve only recently discovered Edgard & Cooper. My experience is very positive. Our setter Bo loves it and tolerates it very well!

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Try for €8
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